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Give Someone
Their Very Own Song,
About Them!

1. Choose a singer-songwriter
2. Send us your details
3. We'll either write and record an original song, or sing unique vocals into your chosen tune.
You'll give someone their very own song


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Custom Songs Make Fantastic:

* Wedding Anniversary Gifts
* Romantic Gifts For Her Or Him
* Totally Unusual Gifts

A personalised song really is the
perfect present for any occasion - and
it's exciting to give too!

    Click the below each singer-songwriter for a sample. We can record unique vocals into a song of your choice, or we'll write and record a totally new song on CD or MP3.
    Derek Daisey

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Brenda-Lee Heathcote

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Jessica Drake

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Howie Cross

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Choose From Our 2 Different Song Services:

Microphones, symbolizing our Template package - Unique romantic gifts for her or him Close up of a guitar, symbolizing our custom song package - Romantic Gifts from

Our template song package button

from only £69.99 /$109.99

Choose a singer-songwriter and song,
and we'll personalize it with your details!

We seamlessly sing your personalized
information into your chosen song,
to create a totally unique gift!

Delivery from only
48 hours
(2 working days) worldwide

Our custom song package button

from only £179.99 /$269.99

A totally unique song made by your
choice of singer-songwriter.

In whatever style you wish, with
original music and lyrics written and
recorded from the details you send.

Delivery from only
4 - 6
working days worldwide

 Female songwriter, singing - Romantic gifts for her from
Give A Unique Song From Only £69.99!

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Get your song on CD or MP3 webpage - Give-a-song Romantic Gifts For Her Or Him
Receive your unique song
on CD, MP3, or a combination
of both formats

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Custom songs make great:
wedding anniversary gifts
, unique proposals, birthday presents, romantic gifts for her or him, 'I miss you' presents, engagement gifts, and more...!

We were featured in Woman & Home Magazine
We were featured in Woman & Home Magazine's '21 Best Ways To Celebrate' guide.